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The Mud-House Resort, Kasauli
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Kasauli Hotels, City Guide and Holiday Planner - Offers a complete list of hotels in Kasauli with reviews, photographs, tariff, discounts and packages. Hotels in Kasauli are listed as luxury and Budget hotels. Suggesting a good hotel, suiting your budget, economy and needs.

Know everything - attractions, places to see, not-to-miss things, hotels, resorts, budget hotels, camping, trekking etc. This small serenic hill station with a handful of population founded during the british era, is tucked in the most approachable and accessible location, in the foothill of himalyas. The town is just 60 km from Chandigarh, and it just takes an hour's run from Chandigarh in one's own car to reach this beautiful lush green serenic destination.

Only a handful of budget hotels and few economy and good hotels are available here. For this reason it is better to pre-book a hotel room and then only visit Kasauli; even in off season and especially if going on a weekend.
Hotels in Kasauli

Kasauli India, being a newly found tourist destination hasn't seen much resorts, hotels, accommodations, guesthouse, home-stays yet.

We have tried our best to present a few value for money resorts and hotels which might be of some help to the tourists who plan to visit this small beautiful hill station.

We haven't classified the resorts and hotels by star rating, as in 3-star, 4-star or 5-star hotels, since in Himachal, star rating is just a virtual perception, and most of the hotels are rating them as per their own discretion and convenience.
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Main Attractions
» Anglican Church
» Catholic Church
» Protestant Church
» Monkey Point (Man-ki)
» Kasauli Club
» Lover's Lane
» Gilbert Trail
» Sunrise Point
» Sunset Point
» Scandal Point
» Upper Mall
» Lower Mall
» Mohan Meakin
» Cobbled Market
» Tibetian Market
» C-R-I
» Nahri Temple
» Sai Baba Temple
» Baba Balak Nath Temple
» Lawrence School Sanawar
» Air Force Station


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Budget Hotels

Kasauli has a limited number of budget hotels, reason being that till date there was no major exposure to tourism. Now Kasauli is springing up as the favorite destination near Delhi being approachable and not too far.

With this sudden awareness of this little found destination is being admired for its greenery, unpolluted environment and mesmerizing surroundings.

There has always been only a few budget hotels here and tariffs as compared to that of Delhi are almost double or triple. Being a monopoly market the budget hotels start from Rupees 2000 onwards.
Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India, is supposed to have a datum height which is 40 feet more than Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh which actually has been considered to be at a more height till now by all. The town, to surprise has maintained its flora and fauna, the Desi deer 'Ghoral' and Jackals are still very common here in jungles.

There is no fuel station in Kasauli, nearest lies a good 12 kilometers away, so one must come with at least half tank full of fuel. Also some heavy duty vehicle like Safari, Scorpio, Jeep etc. is recommended. If going for a trek, keep along a water bottle, a towel, a haversack, first aid and a sharp edged tool.
Kasauli is the nearest and the most approachable hill station from the plains. Still it has a temperature equivalent to that of Shimla. But what differs it is the sudden transition in the weather conditions. On any clear and sunny day one cannot guess that after an hour it might drizzle or the clouds may come down and hamper the visibility as well.

Kasauli has witnessed sudden transitions in weather without any visible warnings and for that very reason it has gained attraction of many. Tourists coming from the plains many a times are astonished to feel the requirement of warm clothes, when they had only covered 30 kms from the plains, in their car with the air conditioner switched on.

Having experienced sudden drastic dip or mild rise in temperature, it is advisable for the tourists to carry woolen clothes, ignoring the weather conditions from the city, where they are coming from.
This small quiet hill station of himachal pradesh is more or less an option for the traveler who wants to spend the time in lush green surroundings and wants to hear the birds chirping and wind blowing through the thick pine trees rather than focusing on attractions and places to visit. There aren't many attractions and there isn't much to do here, however some places of interest are Monkey point, Scandal point, Upper mall, Lower mall, Gilbert trail, Tibetian market, Mohan meakin brewery, Lawrence school Sanawar, Baba balak nath temple, Sai baba temple.

Some of the nearby attractions and places to visit are Sabathu, Dagshai, Gambhar pul, Chail, Solan, Nonie, Oachghat.
The Mud-House Resort, Kasauli