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Attractions in Kasauli

Attractions in Kasauli
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Must see the Unique Mud-Houses: Earthen Houses - Like Nothing on Earth.

In Shimla belt of Himachal, The Mud House Resort, Kasauli is the first of its kind venture wherein the tourists would have an oppurtunity to live in primitive original Mud Houses and Mud Huts, having  mud compacted walls of 1.5 foot thickness.

These original Mud House have a 1.5 foot thick earth rammed walls, which offer excellent thermal insulation from outside temprature. Must see to believe the breating earthen walls. The resort's staff welcomes outsiders even without bookings.

It  falls in Kasauli region, approx at a distance of 10kms from main Kasauli town.


» Original "Smoked Chicken" preparation once available in main bazar Kasauli, has been re-opened for its in-house guests (under the BBQ Banner) at The Mud-House Resort, Kasauli.

» Though its copy versions, tasting entirely different, are still available in Kasauli market.

Man-ki Point (Famous as:
Monkey Point) :
The highest point in Kasauli called Monkey Point. It's just 4Kms from the Kasauli bus stand. A small temple is also situated on the top of the hill, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Anglican Church
: Built in the shape of a cross. A grove of chestnut and fir trees surround this 159-year-old structure. The church was built by the British families who also laid the foundation of Kasauli town in 1842.

Sunset point
: Situated on upper mall, Kasauli 100 mts ahead of Kasauli Club. Sunset view from this place is a moment to treasure. After the Sun-sets one can see an eagle eye view of the far but clear bright lights of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Baddi, Nalagarh, Kalka and Pinjore. Infact once can clearly see sukhna lake as well.

Lower Mall
: A beautiful 3 Km walk with different scenic views and old heritage building views, goes up-to Monkey Point, Kasauli. It's mostly on a descending gradient.

Upper Mall
: A beautiful 3.5 Km walk with different scenic views and old heritage buildings, goes up-to The Flag Staff House (HQ 95 Infantry Brigade's Brigadier Residence). It's mostly on a ascending gradient.

Kasauli Club
: Established in 1880, this is one famous club in Himachal Pradesh. Only members and the military officers serving in Kasauli are entertained in the same.

Not to Miss things when in Kasauli

[a] BBQ Chicken Kasauli: This non-vegeterian joint which was once in main bazaar has shifted to The Mud-House Resort. Their signature dish Smoked chicken is a must have when in Kasauli. Try avoiding other shops selling fake versions of the Smoked Chicken.

[b] Band-Samosa Kasauli, is refered as poor man's burger, quiet fulfilling and may be considered as mini meal. Comes in for Rs.15. Available at all samosa shops in Kasauli.

[c] Famous Jams, pickles and wines such as plum wine, apple wine, peach wine, sherry wine, black grape wine etc. all can be bought from Gupta Provisional Store or from the Daily Needs store near the Kasauli bus stand.

[d] For non-vegetarians, an unusual and conventional way with which the lip-smacking Ham, Bacon, Salami, Sausages  are made by The Daily Needs Store, adjoining State Bank of Patiala, Kasauli

[e] Dumplings (Momo's) in the famous Tibetan market is something which is not to miss. Since this preparation is a lateral version of the regular momo's we usually see in the big cities. Must try this at the Dumpling's corner.

Sunrise Point
: Situated on lower mall, Kasauli 350 mts ahead of Ros Common. This point was formerly called as Hawa Ghar, since the point witnesses an all year round air currents through it.

Scandal Point & Lover's Lane
: A few meters ahead of the Sunset point lies this bliss from honeymooners. Must visit to find out what it is actually.