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Sanawar: Lies 5Kms from Kasauli, and is primarily famous for The Sanawar School, and Baba Balak Nath Temple.

: Lies 12 Kms from Kasauli is the nearest railhead from where the toy train goes to Shimla and to Kalka as well. If one wishes to stop and eat Dharampur holds a variety of joints to choose from, viz: McDonalds, Golfer's Inn, Giani Dhaba, Modern Dhaba, Hot Millions, Colonels Joint.

Dharampur has one of the best hospitals in India for the cure of tuberculosis.

Timber Trail
: 20Kms from Kasauli, Nestling cozily on the lap of the Shivalik range, atop two adjacent hills and joined together with a cable car, Timber Trail is an idyllic holiday destination.

29Kms from Kasauli, Sabathu is a Gurkha Regiment Training Centre of the Western Command. The little cantonment town has a Gurhka fort built in the early years of the 19th Century is situated at an altitude of 1437 meters. A cantonment town which quartered British Soldiers in the time of British Empire. A diversion road from Dharampur 15 km away leads to the Sabathu town. Places to visit are :

[a] Gambhar pul: A bridge made over fresh flowing stream; an ideal place for picnic.

[b] Old Brijeshwar Mahadev Temple: A temple maintaing its old heritage looks stands still which is worth visiting once.

: 18Kms from Kasauli, Located ideally between Chandigarh and Shimla, Dagshai is one of the oldest cantonments set up by the British in India. Built at a height of 6,000 ft above the sea level. Dagshai boasts of a big play field, rarely to be seen in hilly terrain, where Durrand Cup football matches used to be played once.

Bon Monastery (Yung Drung Ling)
: 53Kms from Kasauli, this monastery is the second oldest monastery in the world after the one present in Tibet.

: The former 'summer capital' of Patiala, Chail is 42 Kms from Kasauli, at an altitude of 2,250 mts, dwelling in the midst of a lush green setting. Place to visit are:

[a] Cricket Ground: Built in 1893, after levelling a hilltop, this cricket pitch at 2444 m is the world's highest cricket and polo ground.

[b] Hotel Chail Palace: The palace of maharaja of Chail, which has now been taken over by Himachal Tourism and has been converted into a royale hotel.

[c] Wildlife Scantuary: Ghoral, Kakkar, Sambhar, Red Jungle Fowl, and Khalij, cheer pheasants are some of the inhabitants of the Chail wildlife sanctuary.

[d] Sadhu pul: Halfway between Kandaghat and Chail is the tiny village of Sadhupul, and the bridge over the Ashwani stream, a popular picnic spot. It is going to be beautiful Lake soon.

[e] Kiarighat: Kairighat was a Dak-Bungalow. Now it has been turned into a beautiful hotel.

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