Anglican Church Kasauli – Church of England

There can be many interesting attractions and places to visit in Kasauli depending on what the interests of the person are. There are the regular attractions and then there are the ones that are not only interesting but are important historically too. The Protestant Christ Church, better known as the Anglican Church or The Church of England located on the Upper Mall, Kasauli is a treat for the art lovers with its plush interiors and stained glass paintings.

The intricately done stained glass paintings on the main wall above the altar depict St. Joseph and Virgin Mary on either side of Jesus Christ. The paintings produce an effect that makes the place undergo a metamorphosis from a remote hill town  of Kasauli, to puissant Italian environs, where art and architecture blend harmoniously and flow like music. They light up brilliantly when sun rays filter through them and are mesmerizing. There is also another pair of stained glass paintings in the church. One is of Saint Barnabus and the other one of Saint Francis. Saint Francis stands attired, in a gown with one hand gesturing towards God and the other towards the Earth.

The glazed windows take good care of lighting the interiors of the Church of England, while the ventilation comes at the floor level through linear perforations in the walls. Anglican Church has strong foundations and has flooring built with ventilators inserted. Delicately chiseled gray stone pillars adorn the interiors of this historical Church, which is one of the most prime attraction on Upper Mall Kasauli.

At the end of October 1844, Dr. Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta paid his first visit to Kasauli and on October26, 1844 laid the foundation stone of the Christ Church. The chaplain had a close watch as the sacred building came up. Due to ill health, he had to leave Kasauli in December 1846 for a voyage to the Cape.


Located in the heart of the town, the Church is an intrinsic part of Kasauli’s being and is strongly reminiscent of the colonial days, when Christianity as a belief blossomed here. Just above the bus stand, and after crossing a few roadside small shops catering to the tourist fetish for shopping, one stumbles upon this large but modest architectural marvel witnessed as one of the best attraction and admired must visit place to see in Kasauli.

Conceived and constructed in stone, the Church is an imposing structure that constantly reminds the beholder of the glorious days of the British-Raj and the English architecture. This magnificent creation is flanked exclusively by chestnut and fir trees and is one of the oldest Churches in the Kasauli area.

Interesting Fact: The Church building was erected partly by private donations amounting to twelve thousand rupees and partly by a grant of twenty thousand rupees from the East India Company :)

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