Central Research Institute, Kasauli (CRI)

Central Research Institute, Kasauli (CRI) also known and famous as the pastures institute is an Establishment which was founded by the Government of India around 105 years back, originally for production of antidotes for rabies (which is caused when a healthy human is bitten by mad dog). Ironically the rabies vaccination was invented here only.

Slowly CRI developed into a full fledged research center for various other conditions like yellow fever and snake bites also. Till date also inoculations for yellow fever, snake bite and rabies are served to people suffering from respective conditions, and many people suffering from these conditions from various parts of the country arrive to CRI Kasauli, to get treatment.

This institute was established by Sir David Semple in 1904, who was also the first director of this institute. CRI also works for the World Health Organization (WHO) that is also very well known immunology and biological research organization.

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