Our visit to Kasauli

We had visited Kasauli on new year. Kasauli seems to be gaining tourists with each passing day. anyways your assistance was a great help. would definitely want to visit back. Thanks again.

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  1. Sumit says:

    Thanks Matt. Have you ever been to kasauli? I don’t know if you have been here but i love this place.

    we are from Delhi and we really enjoyed the stay in Kasauli this time. though we had stayed in a budget hotel by the name Green Land, but we went for the new year party to Kasauli Castle. it was awesome.

    The tibetian market in kasauli is worth a shopping experience. we however could not get admission permission for the kasauli club. they say its only for the members and the army officers posted in kasauli.

    We had booked the hotel through this website. a guy from this Co. came and met us; i personally feel it appreciative.

    Overall we felt as comfortable as in home, but a home in Kasauli :)

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