New blogger?

5 must-know basics:

A. Only your name and email address is required to become a blogger.

B. The blog must be related to:

  • Kasauli

  • Himachal

  • Himachal cities

  • Travel and tourism

C. Be soft if you don’t want to be trashed.

D. The blog might take a day to one month, to get published, depending on the availability of the content readers.

E.Publishing of the blog depends on various and varied factors viz: topic relevancy, content language, no advertisement (linking permitted though), no spamming etc. etc.

To register:

1. Scroll down and click on Register under Meta

2. Decide and fill in the Username

3. Enter your e-mail address (strictly used to send you a password) in the E-mail field.

4. Registration complete.

To write a blog:

1. Right after registering, the screen will ask you for your username and password (retrieve from you email inbox).

2. Login default screen is Dashboard

3. Click on dropdown right to Posts

4. Click on Add New

5. Give a heading of your blog in the upper box, and post the blog content in the box under it.

*** Category(s) under which blog is desired to be posted, can be selected from the right hand side.

6. Multiple categories can be selected.

7. Click on Submit for Review

8. Once reviewed by our team, we might delete, or publish your blog depending on various factors, as mentioned in the conditions above.