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Month v/s Clothes to Carry Chart
weather in kasauli, kasauli weather, kasauli temprature
weather in kasauli, kasauli weather, kasauli temprature
December - March: Heavy woolens. e.g.: Heavy Jackets & Shawls, Woolen Caps, Lined shoes, NO slippers.

April - May
: Light Woolens. e.g.: Comfort wear with Light Jackets & Shawls.

June - July
: Comfort wear for pleasant weather. e.g.: T-Shirts etc. No woolens required.

August - September
: Light Woolens (to be on the safer side) + MUST carry an umbrella or raincoat.

October - November
: Light woolens to heavy woolens proportional to the advancement of the month.


Kasauli is a place with unprecedented weather predictions, so its very hard to analyze the weather even in the next hour, just by looking the weather and temperature conditions on any fine morning in Kasauli.
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weather in kasauli, kasauli weather, kasauli temprature
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Main Attractions
kasauli attractions
» Anglican Church
» Catholic Church
» Protestant Church
» Monkey Point (Man-ki)
» Kasauli Club
» Lover's Lane
» Gilbert Trail
» Sunrise Point
» Sunset Point
» Scandal Point
» Upper Mall
» Lower Mall
» Mohan Meakin
» Cobbled Market
» Tibetian Market
» C-R-I
» Nahri Temple
» Sai Baba Temple
» Baba Balak Nath Temple
» Lawrence School Sanawar
» Air Force Station
weather in kasauli, kasauli weather, kasauli temprature
However, in winter the temperature can lower just above freezing point.

During summer, the climate is mild and light. There are a total 15 to 20 days in the month of June-July which might make you feel the need of an air-conditioner. However still in these peak summer days of Kasauli too, the nights are pleasant and very comfortable.


Pine trees, oak, rhododendron, fir trees, horse chest hut, zinnias, dahlias and morning glory are all widespread in Kasauli.

Kasauli has Hawthorne leaves which can be used as a safe, and non-nicotine tobacco substitute for those who desire to quite smoking.

Chewing the Hawthorne leaf has been known for centuries as a safe way to give nourishment, revive energy, and a feeling of well-being.

The same can be used to treat those who have problems with apprehension, insomnia and despondency.


You might see the Ghoral (ascot-musk), jungle cat, wild rabbit, jackal, and rarely leopards and Shimla fox.

Rabbits and rare birds add to the charm of Kasauli. Different birds have been observed with each passing season in Kasauli. Kasauli is hence bird watchers  and a nature photographer's paradise too.
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