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Not To Miss Things

For the food lover's Kasauli has some good news. Kasauli holds some tempting stuff one would not like to miss out on, during one's stay in Kasauli. There are majorly four reccomendations one must try when in Kasauli.
Band-Samosa Kasauli
Though samosa is available in almost all the cities throughout India, Kasauli has its own way of treating it ......
wines, jams, pickles in Kasauli
ham, bacon, salami, sausages in Kasauli
Momos in Kasauli
Bandsamosa Kasauli
Kasauli has gained populartiy with tourists for its local made jams, pickles, and wines. The same may be purchased ....
Love eating? Like Non-Veg? If the answer is yes, you reading the right lines. Must eat ham, bacon, salami, sausages from .....
Momo's are available almost everywhere now in our country but here in Kasauli there is one particular shop where ......
wines, jams, pickles
ham, bacon, salami, sausages
momos, kasauli
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The BBQ "Smoked Chicken" at Shop No.31.

This is the signature dish of BBQ Chicken Kasauli. A must not miss for the Non-Vegetarians.

: Original Smoked Chicken is only available at Shop No.31, Main Market.
Sunset Point Cafeteria - BBQ Chicken