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Best time to visit Kasauli

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When to visit Kasauli? The best answer to the question can be answered through the following:

[a] When you get a confirmed reservation in a hotel of your choice in Kasauli.
- Never risk to go to Kasauli without confirmed hotel reservation, or you might be paying out to local room holders more than what could be a five star's tariff.

[b] When you have planned out all days schedule during your Kasauli stay.

Though the best season in Kasauli, sometime back was said as April to November, today with the shifted climate cycle, practically speaking there is no nomenclature season left which could be laid down as a milestone defining the best time to visit Kasauli.

According to our team, which has been in Kasauli from the last 35 years, the season is at its best from March to November.

Kasauli now experiences good tourist volume, during:

[a] March to November.

[b] All weekends, specially Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

[c] Founder's Day of The Lawrence School, Sanawar.

[d] Kasauli Club week.

[d] Last week of December.

[e] Festivals or national holidays.

Please refer to our Month v/s Clothes to Carry Chart in the Kasauli Weather page to understand the Kasauli climate that best suits your choice to fine tune your days to stay in Kasauli.
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Main Attractions
kasauli attractions
» Anglican Church
» Catholic Church
» Protestant Church
» Monkey Point (Man-ki)
» Kasauli Club
» Lover's Lane
» Gilbert Trail
» Sunrise Point
» Sunset Point
» Scandal Point
» Upper Mall
» Lower Mall
» Mohan Meakin
» Cobbled Market
» Tibetian Market
» C-R-I
» Nahri Temple
» Sai Baba Temple
» Baba Balak Nath Temple
» Lawrence School Sanawar
» Air Force Station
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