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Kunihar: 28 Km from Kasauli, Kunihar is the Development blocks headquarter of Kunihar Block. A beautiful place to live and watch.

Kuthar Palace: 19 Km from Kasauli, Its oldest sections are 800 years old while the most recent structures are barely eight decades old. This is spread over a large area and fresh-water springs flow within its confines. Kutar Nadi is also nearby, a not to miss picnic spot.

: 24 Km from Kasauli, can well be described as neat, clean and tranquil. If its unapproachable caves and cave-temples inspire awe and its floral bounty makes one ecstatic, its palace commands attention for the sheer beauty of its simple architecture. Arki Palace Arki was once the capital of Baghal kingdom and the town itself suggests that it has been well looked after by its various rulers.

: It is situated at an altitude of 1,425 meters on Kalka- Shimla highway, 34 Km from Kasauli. When late Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the ruler of Patiala State was expelled from Shimla. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built his first palace at Kandaghat known as "Chail View Palace", which is presently housing the Government Polytechnic College for Women.

Jatoil Shiv Temple
: This is a very old temple and every year an annual fair is organized here on the occasion of Mahashivratri, which makes it a must see place, 42 Km from Kasauli.

Giri Ganga
: Solan - Rajgarh border, 48 Km from Kasauli, enjoy your picnic amongst the cool waters of Giri, 20-kms from Solan

Fort of Gurkha
(Solan): Situated on the 7000 ft high Dhar Mountain, this 300-year old fort was built by the attacking Gurkhas of Nepal. The view from here of Shimla, Kasauli, Chail and Karol is breathtaking.

: Once just a brief stopover on the Kalka-Shimla highway, 53 Km from Kasauli, Barog town has grown to be destination in itself. Surrounded by pine trees and oak trees, Barog is located in an idyllic setting.

The magnificent Choor Chandni or Choordhar peaks are clearly visible from Barog. The pines of Barog are full of cavort and pleasantries. Barog's railway station, on the Kalka-Shimla, is one of the most picturesque stations, modeled in the Scottish-style.

Solan Brewery
: This Brewary is 11 Km from Solan. It is in existence since 1855. This is one of the most famous brewery in India with one of its famous products known as Old Monk Rum & Solan Number 1 Malt Whiskey.

Gold Mines
: Makdoa village situated 45 Km from Solan town on Solan - Oachghat - Bagthan Road. 30 years ago this village was famous for its gold mining. The mines are situated along the banks of Kewal River. The mines were closed down years back.

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